Level Up Your Brand Voice | 5 Ways to Make Your Copy Sexier

They say a picture paints a thousand words. But often, the best copy is as simple as a few short words:

“Just do it”

“Because you’re worth it”

“Every little helps”

Short, sharp and concise, these words have the power to conjure up a multitude of pictures and possibilities in the mind of the everyday consumer. Without even seeing a brand logo, you know whose voice you’re reading.

But let’s face it, when you’re not writing for an iconic, world-renowned brand, creating great copy that grabs your audience’s attention in an instant becomes more of a challenge. 

So, if you want to elevate your copy from meh to mesmerising, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we share five top tips to make your copy sexier.

1. Seductive storytelling

The first step to making your copy sexier is to weave a compelling narrative. Start with a hook – an irresistible opening that grabs attention. Then, take your reader on a journey, making them the protagonist by using “you” statements and directly addressing their pain points or desires. Describe the problem your product solves, the transformation it offers, and the happy ending that awaits them. Great copy isn’t just about selling; it’s about seducing your readers into a story they can’t resist.

2. Flirt with emotion

The most magnetic copy forges an emotional connection with the reader. Because, after all, people don’t buy products, they buy a feeling. Hear me out — when you buy those fantastic boots you’ve had your eye on for some time, you’re buying confidence for when you walk into the office next Monday. Thinking of purchasing a PlayStation? You’re buying excitement and adrenalin. Even when you’re buying the most mundane of things, like car insurance or antivirus software for your laptop, what you’re really buying is peace of mind.

So, inject some emotion into your words. Avoid overt sales language and focus on emotional benefits. Don’t just list product features, paint a picture of how your customer will feel using your product or service. Whether it’s excitement, nostalgia, or even a touch of FOMO, make sure your copy tugs at those heartstrings.

3. Banish boredom with vivid language

To liven up lacklustre copy you need vivid language that leaps off the page. Use active verbs, unexpected adjectives, and imaginative metaphors to engage the reader’s senses. Alliteration, rhyme, and rhetorical devices add rhythm and style. Pose intriguing questions, use conversational language, and even add a hint of humour if it matches your brand voice. Really want to shake things up? A little mild provocation can do wonders when used correctly, just take RyanAir’s rather tongue-in-cheek social strategy for example.

4. Tease them

You’ve heard the saying, less is more, and the same often applies to copy. That means crafting concise headlines with just enough intrigue to reel readers in, cutting out unnecessary words, and sticking to one clear message per section. Tease readers with glimpses of benefits but don’t give everything away in one fell swoop. Keep it succinct enough that they need to keep reading to satisfy their desire for more. Remember, you’re not writing a novel; you’re creating a desire to learn more, click that link, or make a purchase.

5. The power of persuasion

To make your copy truly irresistible, sprinkle in a dash of persuasion psychology. Use persuasive techniques like social proof (testimonials and reviews), scarcity (limited-time offers), and authority (citing experts or endorsements) to nudge your reader toward action. Don’t forget to anticipate objections, overcoming them with solid answers that eliminate any potential seed of doubt in your customer’s mind.

Be confident in your message, and make it crystal clear what you want your reader to do next. Whether it’s “Buy Now,” “Subscribe Today,” or “Click Here for Instant Access,” make your call to action impossible to resist.

Keep it sexy, my friend

By weaving stories, evoking emotions, using vibrant language, keeping it concise, and leveraging the power of persuasion, you can transform your copy from mundane to magnetic. With these five tricks up your sleeve, you’re well on your way to writing copy that your audience will find irresistible. Happy copywriting and, remember, keep it sexy!