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Global leaders in the telecommunications industry, ZTE, were looking to increase consumer awareness in the UK of their brand new Blade S6 smartphone.


ZTE Corporation is a global leader in the telecommunications industry, creating innovative equipment and delivering network solutions in 160 countries. ZTE contacted us whilst considering how to increase consumer awareness of their Blade S6 product, in preparation for its UK launch. From here, we were able to help them carefully craft a digital marketing campaign that would bring the Blade S6 into the consumer eye-line and drive users towards key retailers that stocked the device.


Despite being the 9th largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, the majority of ZTE’s market is based in Asia. In order to boost ZTE’s European audience and increase the exposure of the Blade S6, we needed to put a number of processes in place. Our first priority was to create effective brand and product awareness campaigns across AdWords, Google Display Network, and Google Retargeting.

We also noticed that there were a number of user experience improvements that could be made on the ZTE website. We guided the client through the content and navigation changes that would enhance the effectiveness of the site. Our aim was to give ZTE insight into any technical SEO changes and that could be made.

A part of our strategy for the ZTE campaign was also to utilise on-page analytics software such as heat mapping. We decided to use Crazy Egg to help us to better understand the actions of the ZTE visitors and consumers.


  • The campaign running from June to July 2015 and the site improvements we conducted for ZTE led them to achieve the following gains in traffic and leads:
  • We reported a very high efficiency in using the Google Display Network. The ZTE campaign achieved a cost per click of 15p.
  • Throughout the one month campaign duration, 17.2M people were shown a ZTE message or advert – a large volume of the optimum audience.
  • ZTE adverts appeared on a number or premium websites including Spotify, YouTube, OK Cupid, The Lad Bible and Auto Trader.
  • The retargeting campaign was very effective, delivering 365 visitors for less than £100.
  • Total site visits increased by 977%
  • Total visits to the Blade S6 page increased by 3227%

The work we did for ZTE shows how paid search activity can produce fantastic results in brand awareness campaigns. Achieving a huge overall reach, we are confident that ZTE will continue to see benefits from the successes of this month-long campaign.

About ZTE

ZTE Corporation is a global leader in the telecommunications industry, creating innovative equipment and delivering network solutions in 160 countries. ZTE distributes and markets its devices under its own brand, while continuing to demand the highest standards of itself and its partners.

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