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The Bahamas Tourist Office

The Bahamas Tourist Office

Creating a compelling social presence for the Bahamas Tourist Office in the UK.

The brief

Currently without any social profiles and a limited digital presence, the Bahamas Tourist Office contacted Better Agency to attract an active and engaged audience of British holidaymakers on social media.

In order to compete against other popular tourist destinations with well-established, highly active social accounts, we would need to grow fast.

Account setup

Kick-starting the project by creating brand new accounts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we made the decision to select Facebook as our primary channel, with the popular platform the best match for the Bahamas Tourist Office’s demographics.

Reviewing the social profiles of the Bahamas Tourist Offices in Europe and America, as well as other popular tourist accounts, we started to build a strategy that would achieve a large, engaged following, whilst best portraying the Bahamas brand.

Building channel activity

Striking a balance between educating and entertaining our audience, we focused on a variety of shareable content, from videos and images, to articles and information about upcoming events and festivals in The Bahamas. Competitions and Twitter Chats also helped to accelerate the growth of our audience. With short, timely, image-based posts performing best, we began to expand our network of photographers, primarily through Instagram.

Working in partnership

Collaborating with tour operators and local businesses on joint campaigns was another key part of our strategy, opening us up to a wider audience. As well as enabling us to share valuable insights with potential visitors, we were able to offer joint deals and packages across our social platforms with other brands such as Virgin Holidays, Sandals and

Working closely with the Bahamas Tourist Office PR team, we were also able to maximise their coverage and continue to influence people’s perception of The Bahamas.

Utilising social advertising

As the Facebook account began to grow, we allocated a small monthly budget to Facebook paid advertising. Experimenting with different ad options, we regularly finetuned our creatives and targeting to be as cost-effective as possible. Our Facebook ads perform, on average, 95% better than other travel and tourism related ads.

Connecting social media to real-world holiday bookings

Once we’d built up a large following, we needed to connect the successes in social media to real-world holiday bookings in The Bahamas, reaching people across different platforms.

Email newsletters were an ideal way to keep The Bahamas front of mind, showcasing the islands whilst providing potential holidaymakers with the latest offers. With an average open rate of 38% and an average click-through rate of 19.3% our emails perform considerably higher than the industry average.

About The Bahamas

Scattered like precious jewels over 3,884 square km of clear tropical sea at the top of the Caribbean, the chain of 700 islands, uninhabited cays and large rocks that make up the The Bahamas covers just 13,939 square km of land.

What we did

  • Social Media
  • Social Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Strategy & Planning


Delivering increased awareness, brand recognition and promotion through social channels.

95 %

Ad Performance

Our Facebook ads perform better on average than 95% of those in the industry targeting the same demographic.

Over 16K Facebook Followers

The Bahamas Tourist Board now has over 16.3K followers on Facebook as a result of our activity.

Instagram followers doubled in 4 months

In the most recent four months, our Instagram following has almost doubled.

An average open rate of 38% on our email newsletters

With an average click through rate of 19.3%, considerably above the industry average.