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Digital PR vs Traditional PR

Traditional PR is about using trusted third parties to raise awareness of a brand and speak to its audience. Digital PR takes this static speech and turns it into a two-way conversation using online tools, channels and techniques. Fundamentally, they both work to the same aim; it’s how and where they spread this message that sets them apart.

While digital PR also involves targeting the news outlets popular with traditional PR, it allows you to communicate this news further and faster to a highly relevant audience. Similarly, the kind of articles that would previously have existed only in print, can now be published online and amplified further through the use of social media and content marketing.

It’s about so much more than simply broadcasting a message though – digital PR allows you the freedom to build a closer relationship with your audience. Opinionated editorials, industry comments, interviews and infographics all add personality and create a more human brand, while interactive content like surveys invites your audience to play a role in who you are – all subtle ways of influencing how they see you.

It’s the relationship digital PR has with other channels that then brings this to life. While digital PR still relies on the same metrics as traditional PR when it comes to sourcing opportunities, such as circulation and readership, there are also other considerations to take into account, such as domain strength and social influence. By working closely with SEO, social media and content marketing, digital PR makes sure this new improved image of your brand gets the visibility it deserves.

It’s not an either/or situation when it comes to traditional PR either – the two can complement each other to create a bigger impact. After all, no one can deny that sense of pride that comes from seeing your name on the front of a glossy magazine. But getting it published online too, quoting it on your website and sharing it through social media just makes sure that hard work pays off.

Essentially, digital PR gives you the speed, the scale and the creativity to reach the people who matter. The people who could get to know who you are, become customers, and best of all, advocate your brand.

Case Study: Dura Composites

Decking leads increased by 300%

When global provider of composite products, Dura Composites, initially approached us, their main objective was more visibility within the search engines for their key products, such as composite decking.

We implemented a digital PR strategy targeting both their commercial and residential audiences, our priority to raise the company’s profile and showcase their products in the build up to the decking season. Online coverage from regional press, industry publications and consumer magazines, as well as collaborations with local brands all focused on the long-term benefits of composite decking, allowing us to showcase Dura Composites’ USPs in this area.

We were able to double their website traffic and increase decking leads by 300%, as well as get them on page one for their key search terms.

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Digital PR gives you a voice online, using trusted third parties to raise brand awareness and influence how your audience see you. It’s also the best way to gain links and brand mentions naturally, giving your business more visibility online.

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